How to use the website?

A typical programming interview for jobs at top tech companies will be based on coding, data structures, algorithms, operating systems and system design questions.

Mastering the above fields requires lots of hard work and practice.

We here at Geeks@i-pupil try to simplify and quicken this process by providing video lectures.

Solving a large set of problems is good, but there is no end to the problem set when it comes to coding. To be able to solve any problem, it is required that the brain learns how to think and approach a new problem.

Therefore to gain maximum, the users are adivised to use the website by following the steps as listed below:

Step 1: Read the problem description and understand what is given and what needs to be done.

Step 2: If you think problem is easy and you can do it yourself, give it a try and skip the rest of the steps.

Step 3: If you don't understand either the problem or how to solve it, watch the video.

Step 4: Next, again think whether you can code the solution yourself or not. If yes, code it and skip rest of the steps.

Step 5: Still not able to code, go through the Algorithm and Implementation part. The Implementation part gives you only the required main function in C language(after the green comment) that is the solution to the problem. Rest of the auxiliary functions are left for you to code yourself. So go ahead, understand the algorithm and its implementation.

Step 6: Now code the solution and you are done. If still facing problem, reach us via Geeks Forum.

Step 7: Make a record of the problem in a notebook rating its difficulty level and the problems you faced.

Following the above procedure, we gaurantee that you will be soon ready to crack any programming job interviews.

Happy Learning!


Tushar Agarwal

(co-founder @ Geeksi-pupil)


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